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STEP 1 - Type of Membership
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CRICKETER ((Personal membership for everyone.)

CRICKET TEAM (Team membership for all types of cricket teams – Backyard, Beach, Indoor, Club, Test, School, Family, Golden Oldies!)

Some special features for a CRICKET TEAM membership:

  Receive an online editable Scorecard and unlimited archive for all the games you play.

  List your players and complete your Scorecard for searchable public display of all your games with chances for more prizes.

  Register your teams at Mr. Cricket and get ready for all our Backyard Cricket Competitions and Prizes.

After completing your Personal membership above as a CRICKETER, search profiles to see if your team is registered!

Please Note you can :-
1. You can join as a CRICKETER and register a CRICKET TEAM also.
     Complete one registration fully, then return and do the other.
2. You can use one email address on several registrations as well.

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